Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Vision of IQAC

IQAC primarily focuses on quality enhancement. Its aim is to introduce a consistent plan of action that would lead the organization towards progress. It involves preparing strategies for-

  • Efficient & timely work processes
  • Academic research & programs
  • Affordable & innovative approaches
  • Use of ICT for modernization of education
  • Best assessment process for maintaining quality
  • Ensuring the best infrastructure to achieve goals
Key Duties of IQAC

Here are the key duties of IQAC that help institutions to improve their processes.

  • Effective Leadership 
  • Practice Decentralization and Participate Management
  • Perspective/Strategic Plan
  • Organizational Structure
  • Administrative Setup and E-governance
  • Effectiveness of various bodies/ Cells/Committees
  • Financial Support
  • Professional Development
  • Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities
  • Academic Administrative Audit (AAA)
  • Participation in various Accreditation and Rankings

The IQAC will evolve mechanisms and procedures for ensuring the following:

  • Efficient & timely work processes
  • Timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic, administrative and financial tasks.
  • The relevance and quality of academic and research programmes.
  • Equitable access to and affordability of academic programmes for various sections of society.
  • Optimization and integration of modern methods of teaching and learning.
  • The credibility of evaluation procedures.
  • The adequacy, maintenance and proper allocation of support structure and services.
  • Research sharing and networking with other institutions in India and abroad.

IQAC Coordinator

Available Courses
Computer, AI & DS,
Information Technology,
Mechanical, Electrical, Civil